Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Writing for PR Bryce Ray

                                                                                    Bryce Ray

The commercial I choose was a volts wagon commercial. The commercial started off with a father and child throwing a baseball around. The father can’t throw the ball but is teaching his son to throw a baseball just like him. So the by the time I could realize that the commercial was about a car, it explained that the car can withstand a certain amount of dings that may come from a ball or something like that. I didn’t like this commercial because it took too long to get into what the commercial was about, and I didn’t like that the ball never hit the car but yet the narrator said the car can withstand a ball hitting it.

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  1. I agree-saw the same commercial and was confused (and he is a TERRIBLE thrower!) Got your A here-BUT check the spelling of the car company! I won't give you the right spelling here-gotta make you work for it! Correct it in your next blog posting! As a PR person, mistakes in the company name could cost you your job! M