Thursday, February 7, 2013

Duck, Duck… Who?

February 7, 2013/  11:00am
Posted by Samuel Franklin
PR Writing Student

Sure, in PR Writing we are learning many forms of PR are executed to reach targeted consumers. Who knew a duck could be so valuable to consumers? Well Professor Olsen made sure we discover the Aflac Duck!

The brand Aflac's mascot duck is in the hospital and we were assigned to send him a get well card. Visiting sent us to Aflac's Facebook page where anyone on Facebook could create a get well card. Now, we are all college students and an assignment is an assignment but many classmates felt the card was a bit childish. The value of this form of PR was what Olsen wanted us to understand. Concentrating on Aflac's creativity effort is what I took into account. 

I created my card and noticed it went to my Facebook wall. Therefore my +1,000 friends could see what I posted about Aflac's duck. When will the duck be released from the hospital and this PR campaign end? I'm not sure, but stay posted for updates and more interesting story's of PR in social media.


  1. Good comments-got your A. Keep on visiting the duch - you never know what he'll be up to next! M