Wednesday, February 6, 2013

First Impressions of Class

I am excited about this class because we will be learning about how to write for PR. So far, I like the class. I like it when we discuss the different types of PR that is happening all around the world. It is really amazing to me how much PR there is in our every day lives. I notice more PR because of this class and other PR classes I have taken in the past. I think that learning about writing for PR will be very helpful for me in the future. I am excited to learn about all the different types of writing that PR uses. Some of the assignments in our packet look fun to do.

This first assignment about writing a blog is cool to me. I think this is a fun assignment because I haven't done a blog before. It is fun to try something new. It also helps that I like to write. I have already learned something new in this class. We went over news releases. Professor Olson explained what a news release was and what types of formats are used for news releases. The assignment she assigned us on the news releases seems like it will be kind of fun. We can make up our own information for the news release as long as it doesn't contradict any of the information Professor Olson already gave us. I believe that this will be a fun class. I am glad that I am taking this class.

Mysta Townsell

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